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              Enclosure Box
               Enclosure Box
              Wateroroof connection box

              Steel Wall mounting Enclosure

              Stainless Stell Wall Mounting Enclosures
              ● Stainless steel ● laser welding ● Mounting plate: galvanized sheet ● Protection class: IP66 ● Impact Level: IK10  

              SMC Ployster Enclosure,Fiberglass Box

              PVC Waterproof Box

              Enclosure With Lockable Door

              Enclosure Terminal Box(Steel Draw Latche...

              Enclosure Terminal Box

              Enclosure Switch Box With Lock

              Enclosure Switch Box
              ● Material:AG/PG/PCG/AT/PT/PCT ● Protection Degree: IP66  

              Enclosure Nice Box(Plastic Draw latches)

              Enclosure Mi Switch Box
              ● open and close the lid must use tools: thermoplastics, sealable ● color is gray  

              Enclosure Junction box with Cable gland

              Enclosure Juction Box

              Enclosure Control Box(Steel Draw Latches...

              Aluminium Enclosure

              ABS Waterproof Box
              ● Made from high quality polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastics. ● Waterproof, fire, explosion, acid, insulation, anti-impact. ● Wide range of sizes, wide use ran...